Installing file system using openSUSE 11.0 host

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Follow the instruction from here.

Instruction for connecting via serial is here

Some recommendations

Terminal programs

It's recommended to use kermit itself. Minicom is acceptable, but, it also uses kermit for loading files. So, kermit is better. Don't make experiments.


Some u-boot needs to specify the variables in such form $(filesize) and some as ${filesize}. For being sure what form your u-boot needs write the following command after loading the file.

echo $(filesize)
echo ${filesize}

The correct variant will print the size of file in hexadecimal.


Be attentive when writing the addresses. Check it twice, triple. You can damage another data when loading into incorrect memory block.

Protecting the memory block

!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Please read the u-boot manual for understanding protect command of u-boot. Don't play with it, you can make your device unbootable.