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Android on Overo

GizmoForYou has ported Android Cupcake and Eclair to the Overo line of platforms for their FLOW G1 and G1.5 Open Source PDA/Phone. The port supports many features that exist on the Overo platform as well as other FLOW features.

Mailing list archives

For recent postings on the Gumstix mailing list about Android, click here.

Android on Verdex Pro

Mobile Device called "bc9"

BeatCraft, Inc. is developing verdex pro based mobile device named "bc9" and have successfully booted Android on it. Click here for more.

Android on Gumstix videos on Youtube

On Youtube, you can watch Android start up on a Gumstix in these videos posted on Youtube

Also, check the Gumstix mailing list archives for some threads about Android on Gumstix Overo and Verdex Pro COMs.

Other Useful Links

Android - an open alliance handset project

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. The Android SDK provides the tools and APIs necessary to begin developing applications to run on Android-powered devices.

The Android developer site provides information about Google projects based on the Android platform, such as external libraries that extend the Android platform, Android applications, hosted services and APIs, and more.

Porting Guide to Beagleboard

Click here for the Android porting guide to the Beagle Board]

Installing Android on OMAP platforms

This project focuses on the platform specific layers need to install Android on supported OMAP platforms.

Further instructions and information can be posted here.

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