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If you have fixed a problem while setting up your gumstix board that you feel other people are likely to encounter, please document your solution here.

Network Problems

Network Services Do Not Come Up

Symptom: Network services do not come up. LAN link lights blink for a couple of seconds during bootup, but then remain out. This has been observed with the connex board with the netCF expansion module running a fresh install of OpenEmbedded.

Solution: The file /etc/network/interfaces contains network interface definitions for several classes of devices. If you are not using the wireless ethernet expansion module, comment out the wlan0 interface section and reboot the unit.

Wired Ethernet Does Not Come Up

Symptom: When booting an Overo with Tobi expansion board, the wired Ethernet eth0 interface does not come up. No IP address is acquired via DHCP, even though eth0 is configured to use DHCP.

Solution: The solution is documented here: Overo Tobi Ethernet.

Issues with prebuilt DuoVero images

The serial port on Uart2 is /dev/ttyO1. This is interfered with by the Bluetooth systemd service which isn't necessary on this board. Disable this systemd service to get proper access to /dev/ttyO1.

systemctl disable bluetooth

and rebooting is a good start.

Issues with prebuild overo images

Images are here:

Overo fire with Palo35

Version Bootup Login LCD Touchscreen
201004220807 Yes Yes Yes Yes
201004141106 Yes Yes No No
201002031857 Yes Yes Yes Yes

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