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Why Migrate to Gumstix?

Many design engineers and product managers ask Gumstix about the issues and challenges of migrating to Gumstix Overo technology from other OMAP-based products, such as BeagleBoard. Gumstix has summarized some of our thoughts and information here to assist with the technical and marketing decisions behind a migration to Gumstix technology.

Please add information and advice based on your own migration experiences, as suitable.

Migrate from the BeagleBoard

Discussion and information on migrating from a Beagleboard to a Gumstix Overo COM is available here,


COM and Expansion Board

The Gumstix Overo series is designed as a two-board configuration of an Overo COM and a single dual, 70-pin expansion board from the Overo series.

Customers often design their own, custom expansion board that is powered by an Overo COM.

Schematics and Layout Diagrams

- Gumstix openly publishes the 3D layout and schematic of each Gumstix expansion board for the Overo series here.

- Gumstix openly publishes the 3D layout of each Overo computer-on-module board here.

Note: Design engineers at Gumstix, Inc. designed our Overo COMs while engineers at Texas Instruments designed the BeagleBoard, independently.

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