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=== Computing by Gumstix ===
Check out our [http://www.gumstix.com/cbg.html "computing by Gumstix"].
=== passive pulseaudio "client" ===
=== passive pulseaudio "client" ===

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Computing by Gumstix

Check out our "computing by Gumstix".


passive pulseaudio "client"

in order to play the sounds of the Bastet project I need some low-consumption networked audio peripheral.

Products: Gumstix+netstix+audiostix


Greg Elliott

Location: University of California, Irvine: Irvine, CA

  • Contact - gelliott followed by an at sign then uci dot edu


PersonalSoundtrack, a tiny wearable computer, detects your walking or running speed and plays songs from your music library that match your pace. Song speed is adjusted in real-time to match subtle variations in your gait, while larger, deliberate pace changes cause the device to change songs. You simply put it on and begin moving; that's it.

Most computational devices require the user to adapt to the machine. PersonalSoundtrack offers, instead, a symbiotic relationship: both human and machine actively adapt to each other in real-time. The 'interface' is one's natural gait. There is no optimal or pre-defined experience, encouraging meandering, wasting time, and loitering.

This project has been demonstrated at several shows and featured in several magazines.



Project, open to all to contribute to, working towards a framework making it easier for people to construct their own portable music player using a gumstix computer as the base. At present only mp3s can be played off a CF card however many additions planned such as voice synthesis using flite of Wikipedia and the use of CF Wireless Card to stream iTunes shares.

  • Website: Tunestix
  • Contact: James Coxon <jac208@cam.ac.uk>

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