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This webpage is provided so that users of the Gumstix OpenEmbedded build system can share their Gumstix based projects, and pass on links to other sources of information and materials. This information is entirely user generated and supported.

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Gizmo For You: ONE DAY COMPETITION on May 7th 2011

GizmoForYou held their first RoboBench Contest on Saturday, 7th of May 2011 from 10:00AM - 9:00PM.

A one day competition, Robobench challenged each contestant in an online, cube-stacking game for a one-time-only contest entry. GizmoForYou prizes included a variety of Gumstix Overo COMs and expansion boards.


Danish Space Challenge (DSC)

Danish Space Challenge (DSC) held a Rocket Festival at Borris Snderland, Denmark, where five rockets built by German and Danish students were launched together with one of DSC's own rockets. For the first time, the DSC rocket was flying an Arduino Duemilanove based flight computer which was responsible for releasing the parachute (worked). The payload in the rocket consisted of a digital video recorder, based on the Gumstix Overo Fire embedded Linux computer with an OMAP3530 application processor from Texas Instruments.

Watch the video here.


(USA) Trossen Robotics' Hagetaka in Mech Warfare Competition at RoboGames 2009

"Meet Hagetaka; a 7DOF per leg biped built around the powerful RX-64 servo from Robotis. This robot boasts 14 RX-64s, 2 RX-28s, a custom aluminum chassis machined by sponsor Big Blue Saw, an on-board Linux based Gumstix computer with a PS3 Sixaxis controller, a WiFi video server using a Headplay Personal Cinema System for remote piloting, and of course dual automatic airsoft guns".

Youtube video of Hagetaka here.

RoboGames runs June 12-14, 2009 in San Francisco. Check here for Mech Warfare!


(Canada) McGill University's LunarEx team in NASA’s centennial 2008 Regolith Excavation Challenge

The McGill LunarEx Team is a group of undergraduate engineering students from McGill University collaborating to construct a fully automated lunar excavator for this NASA Regolith Challenge.

The team is composed of students from different branches of engineering and includes mechanical, electrical, computer engineers. With this diverse mix of students we have a wealth of innovative ideas and the engineering know-how to create the simplest working solution to the challenge.

Team Leader: Stephen Hopkins

(USA) Michigan Technological University in SAE's Supermileage(R)

A team of twelve students building a prototype car for a collegiate competition. This competition is called Supermileage and is hosted by the Society of Automotive Engineers. The goal of the competition is to build a super efficient car in terms of fuel consumption. This year is the first year our team is going to participate in this international competition.

Contact: Alexey Morozov

(Canada) Robotics Team, University of Waterloo in ION Robotic Lawnmower competition in Ohio, USA

"U of Waterloo is the largest (and arguably best) engineering school in Canada, and the Robotics Team is the largest student team on campus. We compete in several national and international competitions. We have successfully used the Connex-400xm motherboard to place second in the national RobotRacing competition hosted annually here at UW; we plan to enter this racer again in the 2008 race.

Our Autonomous Lawnmower named'TronMower' will compete in the ION Robotic Lawnmower competition in Ohio in June, 2008".

Products: Gumstix verdex motherboard with the Robostix expansion board to power all of the intelligence, sensors and DC-motors.

Contact: Rehman Merali

(UK) Strathclyde University ESCO-UAS team

Strathclyde University ESCO-UAS team constructed an autonomous UAV with autopilot system and real time telemetry over a range of approximately 5km.

Products: verdex

Contact: Dr Tiberious J Scanlon

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