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===FLOW G1 from GizmoForYou === 
An Open source community [http://www.gizmoforyou.net/site GizmoForYou] is shipping a Linux hardware/software kit for building a modular, touch screen smart-phone [http://www.gizmoforyou.net/site/shop/gizmos/computing/flow.html FLOW G1]. Based on the OMAP35x-based Gumstix Overo line of single-board computers (SBC), [http://www.linuxdevices.com/news/NS1980620246.html the Flow phone] offers modules including GPS, 3.5G cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, camera and other features and operates on Android Cupcake.
===LRC: Living Room Controller ===
===LRC: Living Room Controller ===

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LRC: Living Room Controller

The LRC is an Overo Air based computer system, built into a photoframe, featuring a touchscreen and a 7" LCD screen. Find more information in the official project wiki


Dual Display E-Reader at UMD

Dual/Multi Display Electronic Readers at the University of Maryland.

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