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WiFi Linux Wall-Plug from GizmoForYou

GizmoForYou (currently developing the OSRC Project) released an Open Source Linux Wall-Plug based on the Gumstix Overo Air single-board computer (SBC). The device features 2 x 2MP cameras, WiFi, Bluetooth, Sencitive Microphone amps and other features. The Gizmo was created from one of the many wishes that Gizmo For You received.

Ares Gaming platform from GizmoForYou

An Open Source Gaming platform Ares based on the Gumstix Verdex Pro series of platforms from Gumstix has been released and features a 4.3" Touchscreen, Analog controls and other features. GizmoForYou (currently developing the OSRC Project) also initiated a contest for the development of games for the Ares platform which run specifically on it and are optimized for the Verdex Pro hardware.

FLOW G1.5 from GizmoForYou

GizmoForYou (currently developing the OSRC Project) releases a second version of the FLOW PDA/Phone, FLOW G1.5 which has many new features, redesigned exterior look and operates on Android Eclair. some of the features are HDMI, 2MP camera, 3 axis Accelerometer, Digital compass and many others.


FLOW G1 from GizmoForYou

An Open source community GizmoForYou is shipping a Linux hardware/software kit for building a modular, touch screen smart-phone FLOW G1. Based on the OMAP35x-based Gumstix Overo line of single-board computers (SBC), the Flow phone offers modules including GPS, 3.5G cellular, Bluetooth, WiFi, camera and other features and operates on Android Cupcake.

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