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Testing GPS can be done using a daemon, gpsd, and console application, cgps, which is included in the gps-utils package.

Installing Packages

Here are two methods for installing gpsd and gps-utils.

Network Install

If your Overo is connected to the Internet installation is very simple. Very simple.

# opkg update
# opkg download gpsd
# opkg download gps-utils
# opkg install gpsd
# opkg install gps-utils

Offline Install

If your Overo doesn't have an Internet connection, the easiest way to install the required GPS packages is by including them in an image. This is one way to do so, see the Gumstix hello world tutorial for a better alternative.

$ cd ~/overo-oe/
$ cp
$ nano

Add the packages gpsd and gps-utils to the TOOLS_INSTALL section.

$ bitbake omap3-gps-image

Create a bootable microSD with the resulting image.


gpsd will start automatically when you boot, however you will need to tell it what serial port the device is connected to.

# killall gpsd
# gpsd /dev/ttyS0

You can change the ${GPS_DEV} variable in the /etc/default/gpsd to /dev/ttyS0 so it will work automatically on boot.


# cgps