How to connect Palo35

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The Palo35 LCD Connector

Pull up the black lock mechanism of the LCD connector on the Palo35 (it rotates up), insert the flexible printed circuit from the LCD display into the connector, and finally push the black mechanism down to lock connector. The orientation of the display relative to the board during installation is the same as shown in the Palo43 LCD installation.

The lock is on the opposite side, and the mechanism is different from the Palo43. Instead of "pulling it out" like in the palo43, you have to pull the lock away from the board (i.e., up if the board is laying flat on a table). The lock hinges on the sides and rotates up. Once it is up you can insert the FPC cable on the other side of the connector, and it does require some force to get it in. Try holding the FPC cable against the board while pushing it in to prevent it from flexing. Pushing the lock down once the FPC cable is in requires some force.