Kernel Reconfiguration

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To reconfigure the kernel with the current state of Gumstix's OE things, you will need gnome-terminal. Run this command: bitbake gumstix-kernel -c menuconfig

NOTE: You have to have ncurses and ncurses-dev installed in order for the MENUCONFIG to actually work.
NOTE: If a screen flashes infront of you and dissapears edit $OE_HOME/org.openembedded.snapshot/conf/bitbake.conf to the following


NOTE: If you don't have gnome-terminal installed and wish to use xterm instead, use:

-GNOME_TERMCMD = 'gnome-terminal --disable-factory -t "$TERMWINDOWTITLE"'

The kernel config information is kept in
where XX is the current default kernel version for your bitbake environment. That nugget is set in the $OE_HOME/com.gumstix.collection/conf/machine/include/ file, under the PREFERRED_VERSION_gumstix-kernel and YYYYY is usually one of connex/basix/verdex. That nugget comes from

After running menuconfig, running "bitbake -c rebuild gumstix-kernel" will blow away the customizations just made. There is probably a better way to do this, but in order to preserve the customizations, you can copy the new config file and replace the default config. For example, to preserve a verdex board's config, do:

cp \
 $OE_HOME/tmp/work/gumstix-custom-verdex-angstrom-linux-gnueabi/gumstix-kernel-2.6.21-r1/linux-2.6.21/.config \

Now that you have replaced the default config, the following commands will rebuild and repackage the new kernel and create new images for you:

bitbake -c rebuild gumstix-kernel
bitbake -c rebuild task-base-gumstix
bitbake gumstix-basic-image