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Processor documentation

Marvell® PXA270 with XScale™ Processor documentation

Bluetooth: PBA31308

Infineon publishes this PBA31308 documentation for the Infineon PBA31308 module RoHS-compliant (Class 2 Bluetooth™) used in gumstix

Ethernet: SMSC module

As of the Spring 2007, Gumstix uses the SMSC LAN91C111 ethernet module for the various 92-pin and 120-pin expansion boards. The manufacturer specs for the SMSC module are posted here.

Wifi: Wistron antenna used for wifi and verdex Bluetooth

The document has been posted here.

Posting of this document to a gumstix wiki page was approved in February, 2007 by Kenny Young of W-Neweb Corporation in San Jose, California.

Motherboard Connectors

part numbers for the 120-pin connector

- The 120 pin connector that goes on the gumstix is the part #55686-1274 from Molex.

- the mating connector from Molex is part #54876-1274 (discontinued)

- The new mating connector from Molex is part # 0546841204

part numbers for the 24-pin flex connector

FH12A-24S-0.5SH(55) Digikey part HFK124CT-ND

The 24-pin flex connector was added to the verdex motherboard in response to customer demands for a daughtercard on the 120-pin side of the motherboard that provides UART, USB host etc function on the 24pin/120pin side of the verdex motherboard as these functions are normally "60-pin" type functions.

With a flat flex cable, it should be easy to bring those functions from the 24-pin flex connector onto a custom board on the120-pin side of the verdex motherboard in order to reduce the thickness of the board "sandwich".

Additionally, for very simple gumstix implementation scenarios, (e.g. connecting say an I2C sensor to a gumstix), the 24-pin flex connector is lower cost & easier to integrate than the 60- or 120-pin connectors.

Gumstix added the 24-pin flex connector to address several issues:

1) being able to get a console while the motherboard is otherwise in use without the physical limitations of the tweener.

2) USB Host.

3) Battery for RTC.

4) Daughtercards that need a flex connector.

part numbers for the 60-pin connector

Hirose DF12D(3.0)60DP0.5V80.

It is 0.5mm pitch and has an interboard distance of 3mm, so working with it really requires using surface mount pads and techniques.