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Gumstix Product Pages

The "details" tab of each product page at provides current spec sheet downloads and links.

eg. go to this Overo Fire COM product page and click on the "details" tab.

DuoVero Product line documentation

Texas Instruments OMAP® 4430/4460 documentation

ARM Cortex™-A9 References

Overo Product line documentation

Texas Instruments OMAP® 35x documentation

Cortex™-A8 documentation

Verdex Pro product line

Marvell® PXA270 with XScale™ Processor documentation

Bluetooth: PBA31308

Infineon publishes this PBA31308 documentation for the Infineon PBA31308 module RoHS-compliant (Class 2 Bluetooth™) used in gumstix

Ethernet: SMSC module

As of the Spring 2007, Gumstix uses the SMSC LAN91C111 ethernet module for the various 92-pin and 120-pin expansion boards. The manufacturer specs for the SMSC module are posted here.

Antenna: Wistron antenna used for wifi and verdex Bluetooth

The document has been posted here.

Posting of this document to a gumstix wiki page was approved in February, 2007 by Kenny Young of W-Neweb Corporation in San Jose, California.