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Qt is a cross-platform application and user interface framework for C++ based applications. Of special interest to Gumstix developers is that it allows you to develop applications and user interfaces once, and then deploy them on Windows, Mac, Linux, Windows CE and Nokia S60 platforms. This allows the Gumstix platform to be used as either a development platform where the final application is deployed elsewhere or as a low cost target platform for applications developed elsewhere.

To find information about consultants that can help you with your application development with Qt, review the information posted in this Gumstix Verified Design Consultants (VDC) section of gumstix.com.

Integrated Computer Solutions, Inc. Experts in Qt Development on Gumstix Verdex and Overo series

ICS is the largest source of independent Qt experts for embedded systems. Gumstix products are regularly used by ICS to develop and deploy Qt based multi-media applications for devices requiring small CPU/Memory footprints that can deliver engaging user interfaces with high video frame rate. Past efforts include the development of software applications for set-top boxes, video players, network test equipment, office equipment, retail systems, medical instruments and mobile devices.

email info@ics.com for more information. Click here to access free training videos on the Qt framework.

Please note that the licensing and support claims made here are the sole responsibility of each individual 3rd party supplier and are not endorsed, supported or tested by Gumstix, Inc.