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This page discusses older build system. Most users probably want this instead. But, just in case...

Gumstix uses Linux® OpenEmbedded, a build environment that allows you to build rootfs images, packages and custom software in a easy way.

There are different rootfs images (gumstix images) that provide a software bundle and a base system out-of-the-box with a single command, choose one that fits best your application needs!

Extra software not included on gumstix images is installed through software packages with ipkg.

OMAP 35x-based Overo Development

To get started on Overo, click here.

PXA-based Gumstix Motherboards

To get started on Verdex Pro, click here and bitbake the image of your choice depending on your application needs.

After building, the rootfs image, kernel and optionally any software packages are transferred to your gumstix through a serial connection, using compact flash or MMC type cards or ethernet network (assuming your hardware supports the appropriate interface)

Gumstix images

Image Size Description Status
gumstix-minimal-image ~7.8 MB Builds a gumstix minimal system ok
gumstix-basic-image ~9.0 MB Builds a gumstix minimal system (gumstix-minimal-image) + cron, ntp, ntpdate, mtd-utils and boa webserver ok
gumstix-perl-image ~9.7 MB Builds gumstix-basic-image + perl ok
gumstix-qtopia-console-image ~10.9 MB Builds a basic gumstix root filesystem plus non-GUI Qtopia libraries
gumstix-qtopia-gui-image ~15.5 MB Builds a basic gumstix root filesystem plus Qtopia work-in-progress
gumstix-x11-image ~14.8 MB Builds a gumstix minimal system (gumstix-minimal-image) + plus KDrive (Xserver), the matchbox window manager and GTK+ ok
gumstix-x11-full-image gumstix x11 image + midori work-in-progress
gumstix-x11-32mb-image ~17.7 MB gumstix x11 image + midori work-in-progress
gumstix-microwindows-image --- --- work-in-progress
gumstix-directfb-image ~10.8 MB gumstix-basic-image + DirectFB 1.1.0 (packages directfb and directfb-examples) ok

Recipes to build gumstix images are stored in gumstix-oe/com.gumstix.collection/packages/images


Once you have setup the build environment, building a software package is as easy as typing bitbake <app>

Package receipes are stored in gumstix-oe/org.openembedded.snapshot/packages