SyntroLCam for streaming video from Overos and Duoveros

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SyntroLCam is an open-source Qt application from Pansenti that can be used to stream USB webcam video from a Gumstix to a network where it can be viewed by multiple remote systems.

With SyntroLCam the multiplexing of the video feed happens in the Syntro cloud so there is no additional load on the Gumstix to support multiple viewers.

Some screenshots of a running system with multiple Gumstix boards and multiple remote viewers.

Here are the Github repositories for SyntroCore, SyntroLCam and SyntroView.

The instructions for building Syntro applications on any Linux system with Qt4 or Qt5 developer headers and libraries installed is the same:

	qmake && make [-j<n>] && [sudo] make install

Here are some instructions for building a compatible O/S for Overos or Duoveros using the Yocto Project build system.

The pansenti-qte-image from this layer will run SyntroLCam on startup automatically.

The meta-pansenti layer has bitbake recipes for and if you want to include them in another O/S image.