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These solutions and technical support for Windows CE on the Gumstix Overo series can only be available from a 3rd party company, not Gumstix. Gumstix only provides and supports Linux.

Windows Embedded CE 6 and Windows Compact 7 BSP for Gumstix Overo Series

A feature rich Windows CE Board Support Package (BSP) with support for all presently available Overo COMs and auxiliary carrier boards can be obtained here.

This BSP also includes support for Bluetooth and WiFi, LCD touch screens, Ethernet and low power operation.

BSP's are available for CE 6 and Embedded Compact 7.

According to David Vescovi, this Windows CE BSP is suitable for both commercial and non-commercial use. For more information and related engineering services, contact David Vescovi <>.

Videos showing this Windows CE BSP operating with various Gumstix Overo configurations have been posted as follows:

Gumstix Overo GPS2

Gumstix Overo running Windows CE 6

Gumstix Overo LCD and Windows CE 6

Gumstix Overo with Pico Projector and Windows CE 6

Gumstix Overo - Advanced features

Gumstix Overo Windows CE 6 - network projector demo

Adeneo Embedded: Windows Embedded CE 6.0 BSP for Gumstix Overo series

Adeneo Embedded provides a reference Windows Embedded CE Board Support Package for Gumstix Overo.

More information on this BSP can be found on Adeneo Embedded Website.

A preliminary evaluation version of this BSP is now available for free download. This evaluation version includes a binary Windows Embedded CE demo image that allows doing basic evaluation and testing of WinCE on Gumstix Overo and a Binary Windows Embedded CE BSP to be used with Microsoft Platform Builder to generate custom Windows Embedded CE image for further evaluation and testing, including building custom OS image for specific testing. Check Gumstix Overo page on Adeneo Embedded website for detailed information on how to access to this evaluation version, and get more details on development roadmap of this BSP. You can also Contact Adeneo Embedded sales team for further information.

See also the Press Release announcing this BSP.

Videos of Windows CE 6.0 running on Gumstix modules

Click here to view the latest Youtube videos of Overo running Windows CE.

Please note that the licensing and support claims made here are the sole responsibility of each individual 3rd party supplier and are not endorsed, supported or tested by Gumstix, Inc.