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This page explains one method to run Android Gingerbread on a Gumstix Overo COM using prebuilt images or directly from the source. In fact, there are several ports of Android for Overo; this one is based off the Rowboat project. These tips may be helpful once you are ready to boot your Overo COM with Android.

Feature Status

This section describes the notable features known to be working (or not) in the most recent pre-built Android image; please update this section to reflect the features and problems you discover.

Status Feature Notes
2.6.32 Android-flavoured Linux Kernel This older kernel is used to support the SGX driver code targetted at this kernel; the next release for SGX is expected to be against the 2.6.37 or 2.6.38 kernel.
Working SGX Graphics Drivers SGX graphics package is packaged with the source code and automatically enabled in init.rc. See the external/ti_android_sgx_sdk
Untested DSP support See Rowboat-Android for an explanation.
Broken Accelerometer Integration for Palo34 and Gallop43 The LIS33DE accelerometer is supported by the kernel as an input device but code is needed to link this into the android sensor subsystem.
Untested GPS support on Gallop43 The u-blox 5 GPS module on the Gallop43 module will acquire a signal after some delay.
Working Resistive touchscreen May require calibration
Broken Wifi
Untested Bluetooth
Not Included Android Market and Google Apps (such as Maps) It is not possible to included proprietary application and access to the market without certification from Google. Informal app stores such as AndAppStore could be used.
Partially working Power Management
Working Android Debug Bridge To get this working, see here
Working 4.3" Screen
Working 3.5" Screen To get this working, see here


A builbot instance generates prebuilt images. This is useful for a couple reasons:

  • prebuilt images are made automatically and published to a feed
  • daily exercise of the build system along with logs so the project has a common baseline for comparison
  • shows the exact build steps used and how long it might take to execute them

Currently, a daily incremental and full builds are performed on a Ubuntu Maverick 10.10 machine. If you want to set up your own buildbot, check out the buildbot master configuration file. If you have other configurations you'd like to see tested, consider donating some time (an hour or two for a complete build) and disk space (let's say 10GB) on your server; contact Ash <ash at> to figure out a strategy.