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Testing GPS can be done using a daemon, gpsd, and console application, cgps, which is included in the gps-utils package.

Installing Packages

Here are two methods for installing gpsd and gps-utils.

Network Install

If your Overo is connected to the Internet installation is very simple. Very simple.

# opkg update
# opkg download gpsd
# opkg download gps-utils
# opkg install gpsd
# opkg install gps-utils

Offline Install

If your Overo doesn't have an Internet connection, the easiest way to install the required GPS packages is by including them in an image.

$ cd ~/overo-oe/
$ cp
$ nano

Add the packages gpsd and gps-utils to the TOOLS_INSTALL section.

$ bitbake omap3-gps-image

Create a bootable microSD with the resulting image.


gpsd will start automatically when you boot, however you will need to tell it what serial port the device is connected to.

# killall gpsd
# gpsd /dev/ttyS0

You can change the ${GPS_DEV} variable in the /etc/default/gpsd to /dev/ttyS0 so it will work automatically on boot.


# cgps