Linaro Webcam Drivers

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Linaro's kernel does not come with Video4Linux (V4L) and USB Video Class (UVC) enabled by default. Because of this, USB webcams will not work straight out of the box. To fix this, you will need to compile the kernel yourself. Relax! It is not that difficult. The instructions to compile your own Linaro kernel can be found here.

All you have to do is enable the following modules in menuconfig.

Device Drivers  --->  
  <*> Multimedia support  ---> 
    <*>   Video For Linux 
    [*]   Video capture adapters (NEW)  ---> 
      <*>   OMAP2/OMAP3 V4L2-Display driver 
      [*]   V4L USB devices (NEW)  ---> 
        <*>   USB Video Class (UVC)

That's it! Now compile the uImage and boot. You should be able to see /dev/video0 when you plug in your webcam.