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This looks like it should just be combined with the article "USB on the 24-Pin Flex Connector" ( -jsarao

re: the small section informing users that USB client support is not available on verdex pro. I'm happy to discuss these changes. My motive for the update was to give a clear indication to people doing the same investigation that I am doing, that GUMSTIX Verdex Pro boards have no Client capabilities and point them to the sources of confirmation I have found. This section should be updated :

  • if I am just plain wrong.
  • if the situation changes.
  • perhaps to explain:
    • why its not available,
    • how they can hack to make it available (if possible),
    • which other GUMSTIX computer modules have that ability.

--Balzi 20:17, 6 July 2009 (CDT)